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I am
I am
now here

Tender Kissing
»I am nowhere«

The exhibition title "Tender kissing that leads to some rough ass fucking stuff" refers to a pornographic found object that the artists Lucie Sahner, Thilo Seidel & Birte Spreuer encountered while exploring the broad concept of intimacy. Little by little they approached this concept. What does intimacy mean? Intimacy? Closeness? Familiarity? Opening up, being intimate with each other, making love? The dimensions of the human striving to connect and merge are explored, as well as the borderline experiences that accompany them. Instead of acting behind closed doors, the artists address this topic openly and (self-)confrontationally. They research, discover, exchange and feel inside themselves. The handling of material and materiality is important here and creates ambivalent synergies. In this way, silk linen, gelatine and plankton create an experiential, penetrating exhibition architecture.

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